Erase Those Social Media Myths

When it comes to social media, there are many myths that prevent businesses from excelling at digital marketing. Adhering to myths can be detrimental for your brand and prevent you from spreading your brand message. Don’t let these myths interfere with your businesses success!

My customer isn’t on social media: Facebook has 1 billion active users and Twitter has 170 million active users, so it is unlikely that the demographic for your industry is not on social media. However, how you engage your followers may vary depending on your type of business.

I need to join every network: Quality is more important than quantity. Use the platforms where your audience is more likely to engage you. Let’s take Instagram for example. It’s growing fast! According to an article on Business Insider, 90% of the 150 million people on Instagram are under the age of 35. It’s an ideal platform for apparel, entertainment, and media brands with a 18 to 34 target audience. This might not be the best platform to showcase a product targeted toward seniors.

I should only try to get fans and followers that will become customers: If you go by this philosophy, you miss the opportunity to gain access to those users who have fans and followers who may be your customer. When someone follows and/or engages with you on Facebook, for example, anyone who follows them could potentially see the content that you post. You could indirectly make contact with a potential customer. Similarly on Twitter, a follower could retweet your content. They may not be your target audience, but one of their followers might be.

Social media is a Monday through Friday, 9am-5pm task: Users vary and you need to review your insights and stats to see when your follower is most active, but the weekend and evenings are a growing trend for when people spend time on social media. TrackMaven, a marketing researching company, has recorded the following stats in their marketing report (based on Eastern Standard Time):

On Facebook, Sunday posts averaged 2.72 interactions per post, compared to the average Monday through Friday 2.27 interactions per post; and while the majority of pages studied post to Facebook between 8am. to 5pm, the most engagement occurred after hours, between 5pm and 1am, with 2.49 interactions per post versus the average of 2.24 during the workday. Posts published at night get the most interaction with 12-1am being the most effective.

On Twitter, users are most active during lunch time of the work and activity drops over the weekend. Majority of tweets are shared between 9am-6pm. Tweets receive the most retweets on Sunday and tweets get the most retweets at night.

On Instagram, picture posts occur mostly during the day with a peak between 2-3pm. Videos get the most interaction during off hours 9pm-8am. However, you can post anytime as overall effectiveness was consistent no matter the time of day.

Social media is free: Although most social media accounts can be opened with a free account, it takes time, strategy, and a plan of action. Sometimes advertising is also necessary to push your agenda forward.

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