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Blogging and social media have become the epicenter of online publishing and digital marketing. Mignon began blogging in 2004, when she launched a blog dedicated to finding items found in film and television for readers. The success of the blog resulted in her being featured in a local weekly magazine. After working as a freelance writer and gaining experience as a blogger, she decided to launch a website that would deliver readers style and entertainment features running the gamut from fashion how-to’s and designer profiles to movie reviews and celebrity interviews. The Chic Spy was born. Mignon has also blogged for other online publications including extratv.com, and the former queenlatifah.com and janemag.com. Writing and developing content is the cornerstone of producing compelling and engaging media. Mignon has created content for clients in a broad range of businesses. Although she can create content for myriad industries, style and entertainment are her specialty.

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